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Church opposes court judgment

The Anglican Church of India has taken a critical stand on the recent Delhi High Court judgment that decriminalised Article 377, allowing consensual sex between persons of same gender above 18 years of age.

In a statement issued here, Archbishop Stephen Vattappara said the council of the archdiocese held on Saturday adopted a resolution appealing to the civil courts to uphold moral values.

According to Archbishop Vattappara, mutual consent for an immoral act does not justify the same.

?It is rather a conspiracy for committing a crime and should be viewed as such,? he said. There are certain human values and morals which are fundamental in nature, he said.

?When there is a conflict between fundamental morals and fundamental rights the courts should uphold morals,? he added.

The archbishop pointed out that Indian courts were formed on the lines of British courts, which originated from the church courts of Church of England.

Archbishop Vattappara said that his church had condemned the decision of the Episcopal Church of United States when it decided to consecrate homosexuals as bishops.

The archbishop hoped that the apex court will stand for fundamental morals instead of fundamental rights.