The Head of the Anglican Church of India [ Church of England in India ] was the Bishop of Calcutta. His Title was Metropolitan In 1947 this ceased to Exist as the main stream of Anglican Churches joined the Church Unions of South and North India [ present CSI and CNI ]. They call their Heads as Moderator. But when the ACI formed its Synod in 1990 , it decided to bring back the Title of Metropolitan.

Metropolitan Most Rev. Dr. Stephen Vattappara

Dr. Vattappara began his public life as a College Students Union Chairman in Kottayam. Served as Telecommunication Engineer in Bombay and Northern India. He resigned his job and entered the ministry of the Lord in 1971.

He was consecrated as Bishop of the Diocese of Travancore and Cochin in 1982 and became the Adjutor Bishop in 1987. He was selected as the First Metropolitan of the Anglican Church of India in 1990 and serves also as a Vice President of International Council of Christian Churches (ICCC).

He has visited several countries including the United States and South Korea. In Christianity banned Libya, while visiting his wife in 1987, Dr. Vattappara formed ?The Interdenominational Christian Fellowship? which still remains as the only Christian movement in that country.

Dr. Vattappara served as the Editor of Malayalam Christian publications such as ?Griha Deepam? and ?Christian Beacon?. He has written and published several books including ?He that guides in to All Truth?, ?Gathereth not with Jesus, Scattereth?, ?The End is not at once?, ?Lo Here or There?, ?My Kingdom is not of this World?, ?The Anglican Church History, ?John the Baptist ? A type of Antichrist? ? A Complete Study on Baptism? etc.

His wife Dr. Rajamma John MD retired as the Head of the Department of Gynaecology at the Government Medical College at Kottayam, Kerala.

His son Rev. Stephen J Vattappara serves as the International Secretary of ACI and lives in USA with his wife Nicey Stephen.

His daughter Dr. Annie George is a Dentist in California, USA and is settled in California with her husband Siju George with their daughter Ir