As India become independent in 1947, Churches in India joined together to establish the Church of South India in 1947. Church of South India consists of Anglicans, Baptists, Basel Mission, Lutherans and Presbyterians.

The unified Church of South India accepted an order of uniformity in worship and practice. This was at the expense of the Anglican faith. Anglicans in the CSI did not accept it. There was a provision for separation within a period of 30 years from the CSI.

In 1964, the Anglicans decided to withdraw from the CSI.

Anglicans re-established the Anglican Church of India on August 24th, 1964.

Dr. V. J. Stephen was consecrated as a Bishop by Anglican Bishops from USA and Africa, and also by the Anglicanized Evangelical Bishop from Kerala, India, on May 5th 1966.

Even though the church was re-established in 1964, the Synod of the Anglican Church of India was formed only in 1990 at Kottayam.

Anglican Synod constitutes of all the Diocesan Bishops, Clergy Secretaries, Lay Leaders of the Dioceses and Church related organizations and representatives of each Dioceses and Independent Churches.
Independent Churches functioning where there are not enough congregations exists to form a Diocese are also given representation in the Synod.

Archbishop Dr Stephen Vattappara serves as the Chairman of the Synod and also as the Metropolitan of Anglican Church of India.

ACI Synod Officers:

Deputy Moderator for North India:
Bp. Dr. D. E. Singh, Haryana

Deputy Moderator for South India: Bp. Dr. Satya Kumar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Secretary for North India:  Bp. Dr. Cyril Porter, New Delhi

Secretary for South India:  Bp. Dr. C. E. Rajkishore, Pondicherry

International Secretary: Rev. S. J. Vattappara

Treasurer:  Bp. Dr. Durai Singh James, Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh

Interfaith Commission: Bp. Dr. John Thundukulam, Thiruvalla, Kerala

Religious Harmony Commission: Bp. Dr. J. J. Kochuparambil, Malankara, Kerala

Evangelization Commission: Rev. Dr. M. P. Mathew, Rev. Dr. Promod Naik

Lay Commission: Alan Daniel, K. M. Bose