Archbishop's Desk

Unity of Anglicans a must!

Metropolitan Dr. Stephen Vattappara has urged the different Anglican factions all over the world that the Anglicans must unite to defend their faith. There are several independent Anglican Churches all over the world who profess that they are a continuing or traditional Anglican Church.

Several such independent Anglican Churches are standing separated and are becoming easy targets of the enemy who is bound to destroy the Anglican faith from the face of this earth.

Metropolitan mentioned the age-old saying, "Divided we fall, United we stand" during the Diocesan Council held at Kottayam on August 19th commemorating the birth anniversary of the late Archbishop Dr. V J Stephen.

Recalling the recent intrusion of the pro-Rome Anglicans led by Bp. Hepworth, the Metropolitan suggested that many Anglican churches all around the world was affected by their anti-Anglican activities. He told as a warning to the pro-Roman Anglicans that "give only to Rome what that is of Rome's and leave it to God what that is of God's". He warned Bp. Hepworth that his fight is against God and his true Church and termed Bp. Hepworth as a type of anti Christ.

During his speech he urged the worldwide Anglicans to shed their minimal differences and unite under one banner to fight against the evil that is affecting the true Anglicans and he also warned that only a united Anglican front can defeat this evil otherwise we all will fall victims to it eventually!